SWAT Expert: Dorner Fighting a Losing Battle

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Six days into Christopher Dorner’s time on the run from the authorities, many wonder if his police training will keep the cuffs off him forever.

FOX40 turned to its SWAT and security expert Ed Tatosian, a former SWAT commander for the Sacramento Police Department, for his take on the situation.

Ex-cop Dorner is on the run from his former colleagues.

It seems logical the suspected killer would be evading them with their own playbook, right?

Tatosian says with only three years on the force in L.A. before his firing, Dorner is not the expert everyone might assume.

“He’s been trained on how to use his weapons. He knows some of the tactics but I wouldn’t give him the credit of knowing all the tactics because he hasn’t been in all the speciality units,” said Tatosian.

Dorner has served in the Navy and been deployed to Bahrain.

In his manifesto addressing the way he felt wronged after trying to play a whistleblower role in his department, he promises to use “every bit of small arms, demolition, ordinance and survival training” to bring “warfare” to the LAPD and it’s families.

That may be, but Tatosian wants a frightened public to consider what Dorner doesn’t have.

“He doesn’t have the luxury of electronic surveillance,  mounds of info gathered through intelligence or the amount of officers able to go out 24/7 and gather info to try to locate him,” said Tatosian.

And for as prepared as Dorner may think he is for vengeance, Tatosian says time on the run always changes the plan.

“He’s gonna run out of money. He’s gonna run put of clothes. He’s gonna start doing desperate things that will put him back in the spotlight,” said Tatosian.

That might make him easier to catch.

While the search for Dorner has stretched into Nevada and Arizona, Tatosian feels Dorner may be doing a little misdirection with the clues he seems to have spread around.

He suspects this cop-turned-cop killer may be in Mexico.

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