Teachers Pool Money to Replace Student’s Stolen Bike

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MODESTO — At least 60 teachers, educators and staff members at Grace Davis High School presented 16-year-old Isaiah Barrios a new ride, a new lock and a new sense of cool after his old bike was stolen.

“It’s amazing,” Barrios said. “And it’s a lot better than my old one.”

Lindsay Bryan said Barrios, one of her students, was on his way to school when he was harassed by a stranger.

“Such a negative situation, initially, and then to just be able to turn it around was the coolest thing,” Bryan said. “He had been followed by a homeless man from the park, through campus, and he was panicked. And he went to safety, which is our front office staff.”

Bryan said the man took advantage of the teen’s vulnerability and stole Barrios’ bike — his only means of transportation.

“I just felt sick about it,” Bryan said.

Bryan said she was compelled to kick things into gear and asked her co-workers to reach into their hearts and their wallets.

“I was like, ‘What if we just didn’t have Starbucks tomorrow and instead chipped in five bucks and we could just buy him a new bike?’” she said. “In half an hour, I had $600.”

Bryan said all the extra money that was raised will go to even more kids in need this holiday season. It will be used to buy coats, meals and gifts.

Just hours after the theft, Bryan was able to buy the new bike for the teen.

“He’s so respectful and conscientious and kind. You know, has a great heart,” Bryan told FOX40. “Just a huge testament to how amazing our staff is here, so it was really cool.”


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