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SUTTER County, Calif. (KTXL) ­— Sheriff’s office teams are searching in and above the Sacramento River near Knights Landing for an 18-year-old man who disappeared while trying to rescue his brother.

It’s not easy for Jaidin Watson to make this walk again and even harder for the teen to stand on this beach after what happened. On Wednesday afternoon, the 15-year-old and others were at Third Beach in Sutter County. 

Watson says after getting in the water, he ended up in a dangerous current. 

“It was pulling me down, and I got up — It just kept on trying to pull me down. I was fighting with it, making myself tired trying to get out of it,” he explained. 

It was at that point Watson says another person that was with them did something he can’t comprehend.

“I made my way back, he picked me up and threw me back, I think he threw me farther, he threw me into one of those currents,” Watson explained. 

His older brother, 18-year-old Ahmir Watson, saw what happened. 

“That’s when my brother, he couldn’t take it. He came out there, did what he had to do, save my life,” Jaidin Watson told FOX40. 

Thanks to his older brother, Jaidin Watson made it back to shore. 

Ahmir, who family describes as kindhearted with a passion for writing and music, did not. A search and rescue effort by Sutter and Yolo county officials Wednesday and Thursday has not been successful. 

Jacque Watson, their father, says he had hoped the search would be more extensive and is imploring anyone who can assist to do so. 

“I can’t begin to explain the hurt from the loss of a child,” he said. “Professional divers volunteer to help find my son, please, just help me. I need help. I don’t know what else to do, I need to find my child.” 

“I just want my brother back, I just want to see his body, I just want to see him. Say my last goodbyes,” Jaidan Watson said. 

FOX40 reached out to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office about the search but has not yet heard back. The Yolo County sheriff says crews will be back in the water Friday and will also search by air. 

Anyone who has information about Watson’s disappearance has been asked to call the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office at 530-666-8282 or the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office.