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CLARKSBURG — The CHP honored a local teenager Friday for saving a woman whose car had fallen into the Sacramento River.

On Halloween 2016, Callahan Rooney was driving home from Delta High School on South River Road. As he drove along the Sacramento River, he spotted a car under the water.

The woman behind the wheel, who was in her 60s, had somehow traveled off the roadway. Officials still do not know what led to the incident.

Rooney jumped into the water, diving down to the woman trapped in her fully submerged vehicle and pulling her to the shore.

For his act of heroism, the Woodland Area CHP honored the 16-year-old with a certificate of community service.

Callahan Rooney (center) stands with his mother Angela Tate (left) and Captain Chuck King (right) of CHP Woodland after being awarded for saving a woman from the Sacramento River. (Credit: CHP Woodland)