Teen Convicted in Davis Couple’s Deaths Could Get New Trial in Juvenile Court

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DAVIS -- It’s been almost five years since Daniel Marsh brutally murdered an elderly Davis couple in their bed.

He was 15 years old when he was charged as an adult and convicted and sentenced to 52 years in prison for killing Oliver Northrup and Claudia Maupin.

Now he could be facing a new trial in juvenile court after a state appeals court overturned his conviction. It was a decision that left friends and family of the victims in shock.

"It was almost like when I heard Claudia had been killed, it hit me exactly like that. And I thought, 'Oh, is that beast gonna be out on the streets again?'" said Maupin's sister Sharon Tonnesen.

"It's almost like my heart stopped," said close friend Sherri Shaidell.

The reason? Proposition 57, a measure California voters passed in 2016, which requires a judge to determine whether minors charged with certain crimes can be tried in adult court or as a juvenile.

Marsh was sentenced in 2014 when prosecutors made that decision. If he’s tried in juvenile court the 20-year old could be freed in just five years.

"That this person would ever see the light of day or breathe a breath of fresh air again after what he did and why he did it," Shaidell said. "And what he said afterwards without any remorse whatsoever."

"We're gonna have to worry about him, we're her family and we've said things about him. And I'll say things about him every day of my life," Tonnesen said. "It would be horrible for him to be out on the streets again."

A transfer hearing to determine if the conviction stands or if the case will be retried in Yolo Juvenile Court is expected within the next several months.

Claudia Maupin's sister and her best friend implore the judge not to overturn the conviction.

"Look at it very closely. Closer than any case he's ever had,"  Tonnesen said. "Please look at it very closely. Claudia has been wronged and Chip has been wronged."

"I certainly would be looking over my shoulder knowing that Daniel Marsh is walking free, period," Shaidell said.


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