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A Saturday night sleepover turned into a nightmare in Modesto when a mother found three young girls in a bedroom, stabbed and bleeding.

“I’ve been here 13 years I can’t even tink of a past call we’ve received like this and so it’s really sad. I really feel for both sides of the families,” said Heather Graves with Modesto Police.

Graves said a 13-year-old girl who lives in the home is suspected of stabbing her 11-year old-sister and her 13-year-old friend before stabbing herself.

Graves said two of the girls went to the hospital in critical condition, and the other is in serious but stable condition.

“I’ve never heard anything about the girls being mean or violent toward my daughter,” said Nichole Rico.

Rico and her family live across the street from the home near Orangeburg Avenue and Sonoma Avenue in Modesto. She has allowed her own nine year old daughter to spend the night at the residence multiple times.

“It’s scary you know. I’m definitely gonna think twice about who I let my daughter stay the night with if let her stay the night anywhere cause she could of been there last night,” said Rico.

“We’d play some board games, then we’d get our P.J.’s on, then we’d just go to bed. And listen to music,” said Rico’s daughter, Lynae.

Lynae said she always got along with the two sisters, but stopped hanging out with them recently.

“I got caught up with my kittens,” said Lynae.

“They’re pretty much your typical family. I mean, you really wouldn’t suspect it. I mean granted they were kind of special needs, but functioning, nonetheless. They all have different levels of autism,” said neighbor Jason Matlock.

Matlock says the girls parents seemed to be caring and were very involved with their children, frequently taking them on bike rides around the neighborhood.

“One was taken out in a body bag. Then I found out on the news that one of them just stabbed all the others. That’s how I found out she wasn’t dead,” said Lynae.

“She doesn’t quite understand the magnitude of what happened,” said Rico.

Modesto Police have not confirmed whether or not any sort of mental or emotional disorder played a role in the stabbing.

“If she is determined to be responsible and of sound mind, we would of course prosecute and more than likely she would be arrested on attempted homicide,” said  Graves.