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Three teen boys who stole a unique, Flintstones-themed car, will be repaying their debt to society by posing with the vehicle.

Late last year, the Flintstones car was taken from in front of World’s Best Comics and Toys along Watt Avenue.

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flintstones car
Photo of the Flintstones car courtesy of World’s Best Comics and Toys.

After some help from people in traffic, distracted so much by the odd sight they took cell phone pictures, the car was recovered.

As part of their agreed upon punishment for the theft, the boys will be decked out in Flintstones costumes and pose next to the car they stole on Saturday, May 3 to help celebrate Free Comic Book day.

Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., stop by World’s Best Comics for a free comic, and take photos with the Flint-mobile and the teens who stole it.

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