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ROCKLIN — A Rocklin man said two teens caused thousands of dollars in damage at his home, which is under renovation.

Gary Broadbent said he got a call from a neighbor Sunday afternoon saying two teenage boys were in his backyard playing with his miniature horse, Dodger.

When Broadbent got to the home, he found smashed windows and holes in the walls.

The damages are estimated to be in the thousands.

“They took out the window in the dining area, the window in the kitchen, sliding glass doors, the master bedroom windows,” he said. “This is beyond kids. This is vandalism. I mean, this is ‘go to jail’ stuff.”

Broadbent said he’s waiting to see what his insurance will cover.

While he is frustrated by the situation, Broadbent told FOX40 he wants the teens to own up to what they did.

“So they can learn that that’s not a good thing to do. Right now, they’re probably all happy because they got away with it. If they don’t get caught, they may continue damaging things or trying to get away with stuff that they shouldn’t be doing,” he said.

Broadbent said there appeared to be blood on some of the broken glass and believes one of the teens may have gotten cut getting into the home.