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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — The University of the Pacific will soon be known for another color besides their traditional orange and black — their Stockton campus is going green.

“The more we can use these renewable energy sources, the more we can reduce that so-called carbon footprint and contribute, I think, to a better environment,” said UOP President Christopher Callahan.

Callahan announced a new solar initiative that will make Pacific number two in the country in renewable energy among college campuses.

“This is a fantastic partnership between the University of the Pacific and Tesla,” he said.

Solar canopies are being constructed in eight of the university’s parking lots across the 175-acre campus.

Once installed, the solar panels will generate more than 30% of UOP’s energy needs.

“By producing our own energy in this partnership with Tesla, our electric bills will go down and down and down,” Callahan explained. “And in the out years, we’re projecting savings of more than a million dollars a year. So, that is quite significant, especially as we try to keep tuition rates as low as possible.”

According to the university, a project this size is the equivalent of removing more than a thousand cars from the road every year and averting more than 5,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases a year.

The project also includes the installation of at least 16 Tesla electric charging stations.

Callahan said the solar project shows how seriously Pacific is taking sustainability.

“This notion of focusing on the future of our environment, we’re serious about it,” he said. “We’re actually doing things to try to achieve that and trying to lead really through action, as opposed to just leading through words.”

The university estimates construction of the solar canopies will wrap up by the end of the year and hopes to have the power online within a year.