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ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – A nurse practitioner in Texas used her free time to help a family in Roseville find and schedule a vaccination appointment in California.

“My biggest concern was that, as relatives were getting vaccinated, and for some reason, we got left behind. Then everybody starts to socialize and have fun and get together, then we were going to miss out because we weren’t vaccinated,” explained Roseville resident Mike Agraan.

For many like Mike and his wife, Ivonne Agraan, getting a COVID-19 vaccine appointment can be challenging.

“I’ve been looking online, even though we’re not eligible yet until April 1st. I’m 55 and Mike is 60. I wanted to get on top of it,” Ivonne Agraan said. 

But after weeks of trying, the couple wasn’t able to get an appointment.

At least not until Ivonne Agraan’s aunt in Texas suggested that she reach out to The Blue Cherry Project which is based in Houston.

The project’s mission is finding and scheduling appointments for people, especially older adults.

“People were crying. They were telling me that they get to see their grandkids again,” explained nurse practitioner Janette Adams and The Blue Cherry Project volunteer. “It moved me.” 

Adams told FOX40 she knew she could do more to help others by helping those who weren’t either tech-savvy or simply unable to get online and find vaccine appointments themselves.

“Why don’t I try? It came easy to me. I always did night shifts, so crazy hours aren’t a big deal to me. I started Feb. 27, and it kind of just blew up very quickly.”

Among those Adams helped get vaccinated include an elderly couple in Puerto Rico, a pregnant mom and another woman and her entire family.

“It kind of makes it all worth it. It really, really does, because you can just see the happiness in their face or when they’re calling you and they’re crying,” Adams explained.

And for the Agraans in Roseville, Adams got them their first dose appointments scheduled for Thursday.

“I was just really pleasantly surprised that, the day that I’m eligible, I have an appointment,” Mike Agraans said.

Ivonne Agraan said just being able to hold her mom after so long means everything.

“I haven’t been able to hug or give her a kiss. So, I’m really looking forward to having some mother-daughter time and family time,” she said.

Adams is working to have a mobile set up, like in church conference rooms or parking lots, where she’d be able to reach out to those, such as those experiencing homelessness, and help them to vaccinate.

Click or tap here to learn more about The Blue Cherry Project or people can reach out directly at or by calling 832-616-9220

For those who would like to donate to The Blue Cherry Project, the group’s Venmo is @TheBlueCherryProject and Paypal is