The City of Ceres is Cracking Down on Illegal Fireworks and Issuing $1,000 Fines to Those Caught with Them

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CERES — The City of Ceres is cracking down on illegal fireworks while also reminding families to clean up after their Independence Day celebrations.

‘Zero tolerance’ is the message the city is sending and with it comes a $1,000 fine.

Though the booths are now shuttered, the spent fireworks still litter streets.

“Well, all that’s uncalled for. If you’re going to have fireworks clean up your own mess,” said Frances Chavez.

It’s a frustrating sight for some families.

“We saw a lot of litter this morning so, I think that… I think people just need to really clean up after themselves,” said Walter Tyson.

But an even bigger issue for some is the lack of rest

Families FOX40 spoke to say the celebrations in Ceres kept them up.

“We didn’t even need fireworks ‘cause there was so much in the air. We could have just not bought any and just looked at the fireworks from our front yard,” Tyson said.

Sergeant Greg Yotsuya with the Ceres Police Department says the flurry of fireworks led to a flood of 911 calls.

“That causes issues for other emergencies that are going on, life-threatening emergencies when the 911 line gets jammed up with people calling about the aerial fireworks,” Yotsuya said.

The Sergeant says the city has had enough, “and it is absolutely zero tolerance.”

This Fourth of July, the police department has a dedicated hotline and email to field illegal fireworks complaints.

They also have a new policy that includes a fine for anyone found with illegal fireworks.

So far, 43 people have been cited.

Some families say the fine is a great deterrent.

“I think so, I think it’s a good idea because you want to make sure that everybody’s safe, so I think it’s good they’re cracking down on it,” Tyson said.

However, others feel not everyone will get busted.

“And what we think is… they’re not [going to] catch everybody,” Chavez said.

The police department is expecting a lot of calls regarding illegal fireworks Friday evening.

if you want to report illegal fireworks in Ceres, you can do so by emailing them at or by calling this number: 209-538-LOUD (5683).


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