‘The Claw’ Yard Waste Pickup Service is Back in Season

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SACRAMENTO — It’s the time of year when trees are changing color and leaves are falling.

For the City of Sacramento that means it’s time to bring out “the claw.”

“It’s used to pick up the leaf piles during our leaf season– November, December and January,” said Erin Treadwell with the City of Sacramento Recycling and Solid Waste Division.

Fifteen of the tractors will hit the streets starting Thursday to pick up millions of pounds of leaves.

“They move through the entire city collecting leaves,” Treadwell told FOX40.

People in Sacramento will start to see the claws making their rounds this week but after the holidays they’ll be picking up more than just leaves.

“January is … most of it’s Christmas tree pick-up,” Treadwell said. “So we do collect Christmas trees during that time of year. So if you’re, again, a City of Sacramento recycling solid waste customer you can put your Christmas tree out as part of the claw collection.”

Claw crews will be picking up leaf piles starting this Thursday through Jan. 27.

Container pick-up is once a week. The claw comes by every 10 days to two weeks. Residents can go online to sacrecycle.org, click on collection calendar then type in their address to get an estimate on when “the claw” will come by their home.

But before it arrives at your driveway, the city is asking you to neatly pile up your leaves away from storm drains. Crews ask that you fill up your green waste bins before you leave piles on the streets.

Leaf pile guidelines from the City of Sacramento include:

  • Piles should be no more than five cubic yards in size (4 feet by 4 feet by 9 feet).  Limbs must be cut to three feet or less in length and no more than 4 inches in diameter.
  • Place the pile 6 feet from any obstruction (cars, boats, basketball hoops, etc.)
  • Make sure there is space between the curb and pile to allow water to flow to storm drains.
  • When possible, avoid placing piles in bike lanes.
  • Do not put pet waste in any yard waste pile or container. Pet waste goes into the garbage container.
  • Piles should not be in plastic bags.
  • Christmas trees will be accepted in piles.
  • Materials Accepted/Not Accepted

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