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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With less than two days away from the primary election, candidates and election officials make one final push to bring awareness to potential voters.

With this being a non-presidential year, it usually means not as many people vote. Candidates like State Assembly District 10 candidate Eric Guerra didn’t leave anything to chance Sunday.

“With life, you will find out really quick that people will forget it’s only two days away,” Guerra said.

The clock is ticking for him and other candidates covering south Sacramento County. Elk Grove council member Stephanie Nguyen, senior pastor of Genesis Church Tecoy Porter and retired businessman Eric Rigard are also hoping to represent that district.

This was the first weekend all 87 voting locations in the Sacramento County were opened.

Crowds have been missing at the Oak Park Community Center despite everything being set up for early voting this primary election.

“It has been slow. We probably have gotten around half a dozen voters a day,” said Joyce Faidley, an inspector for the community center. “We have the staff, and we are ready. We don’t want people to forget, the primary is important.”

The latest numbers from Political Data Inc. ballot tracker shows out of nearly 22 million ballots, less than 3 million have been returned. That is only 13 percent of the total ballots.

Portia Mac is another inspector at the Oak Park Community Center, however, she isn’t worried with the Sacramento County registration rate. Both her and Faidley expect the lines to return come election day but they do not encourage people to wait.

“We provide them with help, sometimes they just don’t know, they don’t understand, they lost their ballot, they want to get a ballot for their friend, whatever the case may be. Just come in and ask questions and we will be able to help them in that way,” explained Mac.

The voting centers in the county will remain open until Election Day. For more information on voting click here.