SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County has been increasing the number of respite centers and “Stay Safe Communities” in order to help those in the county who are experiencing homelessness.

“Stay Safe Community”

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Sacramento County announced the start of construction for their first “Stay Safe Community” at 8144 Florin Road, which will shelter those experiencing homelessness.

The site on the corner of Power Inn and Florin roads is expected to shelter 125 people at a time, with 100 sleeping cabins being constructed. 

According to the news release, the site will have “a sanitation trailer for restrooms and showers, staff quarters for the 24/7 on-site operator, a security booth to manage all persons on-site, a communal eating area, storage units for possessions guests bring that do not fit in their cabin, and a pet relief area.”

On July 14, 2022, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved the county’s second “Stay Safe Community” which will be located at 7001 East Parkway in the parking lot of the current County Department of Health Services building.

The second site will be able to shelter up to 56 people at a time and will have up to 45 sleeping cabins. Currently, there is no expected construction date but they hope to open the community next year.

Guests for every Stay Safe Community will be from nearby neighborhoods so they will be in an area that they are familiar with.

“I am thrilled to have a second location approved and ready to build in District 2,” District 2 Supervisor Patrick Kennedy said in the news release. “The need in our area is great. These new Safe Stay Communities will go a long way to help those in South Sacramento experiencing homelessness with stable shelter, drug and alcohol services, mental health services, job training, and a connection to other vital services that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and self-sufficiency while providing relief to the businesses and residents in the community that have experienced the impacts of homelessness.”

The Stay Safe Community’s main goal is to support those experiencing homelessness while they are on their way to permanent housing.


On September 21, 2021, the Sacramento X-Street Navigation Center opened with 100 beds for unsheltered adults in the vicinity of the shelter. While Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency oversees shelter operations, Volunteers of America provide daily services at the shelter.

Guests at the X-Street Navigation Center are given access to services that will help them on their track to obtaining permanent housing.

Upcoming shelters

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the Sacramento City Council voted to turn a city-owned building into a permanent respite center for unhoused residents.

Before the vote, the building was already being used to offer respite to unhoused residents but only during extremely hot and cold weather conditions.

The facility can hold up to 50 people at a time.