SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento woman said she is fed up trying to fight for her own land after the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency sent her a letter requesting a portion of her property. 

Frances Tennant has lived right off Garden Highway for nearly 70 years and this isn’t the first time she’s had this fight with SAFCA.

“I love living here,” Tennant said. “I lived here with my parents for several years and then I built a house over there.” 

Tennant’s childhood home was filled with all of her family’s history and a garden she loved as much as the house itself. 

“My son was born there. My husband died there,” Tennant said. “I’ve been there forever and they took it, gardens and all.” 

That home filled with all of her family’s memories was torn down by SAFCA a few weeks ago. All that is left is an empty lot where her home used to be. 

“I watched them tear it apart and bulldoze it,” Tennant said, crying. “I don’t want to watch them do that again.” 

She was referring to a letter from SAFCA that was sent earlier this month proposing to take another portion of her property where her current home stands. 

“I’ve had it,” Tennant said. “They’ve taken everything I had. I tried to start rebuilding and then they said they want that too.” 

According to the letter, SAFCA wants to take the corner of her property to protect the Natomas Basin from flooding. 

Tennant’s property is on a levee that is part of SAFCA’s project, making her concerned she’ll have to lose another home. 

“I never dreamed they could take it,” Tennant said. 

SAFCA declined an interview with FOX40, but the agency said it’s working with property owners to try to minimize the impact it has on their land. That process includes handing a check to homeowners based on a fair market value. 

It said it is working closely with property owners to make sure both sides work toward an amicable solution.

“I don’t care about the money,” Tennant said. “I do not care about the money. I care about my home.”

In the meantime, Tennant said she’s going to do everything she can to keep the home that she believes is rightfully hers.