Homeowners Leave Package Thief a Smelly Surprise

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LODI — A suspected thief in Lodi helped himself to what looked like a box from Amazon on Thursday afternoon, but he’s about to find out what happens when you steal from Amanda Torres and her fiance.

“You want to know what was in [the box]? It was full of poop,” Torres told FOX40.

Torres said her fiance set up a surveillance system to keep their family safe, and as a deterrent for something she says has been an “ongoing problem that’s becoming more and more of an issue.”

But she claimed, that didn’t stop a man who is suspected of hitting up their home not once, but twice. She said the very same guy who was caught on their multiple surveillance cameras on Thursday, stole two days before.

“He was the same guy that had stolen the first package two days before,” Torres explained.

She said the images did not show up as clearly during the first theft, so she and her fiance hatched a plan and left a box full of dog waste on their porch,

“I figured if he had stolen the first one he was going to be back to steal another one,” Torres told FOX40.

It paid off, they got clearer images of the alleged thief as he walked up their driveway and he got a smelly surprise, “We’re angry enough to do something like that so stay away from our house.”

The couple has filed a police report. If you have any information about this theft please call the Lodi Police Department.

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