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VACAVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) – A mother is outraged after a thief stole her son’s only way to get to work in Vacaville.

Marilyn Friedman told FOX40 she can’t believe someone stole the bicycle, owned by her son, Michael, while he was hard at work at Walmart Friday night.

“Somebody I guess cut the lock on his bike, ’cause they got the lock too. And they stole his bike,” Friedman explained. “Michael doesn’t drive. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to be able to drive.” 

Although her son is 29, she says he’s more like a 14-to-17-year-old.

“He was upset. He called me right after. And I told him to call the police,” Freidman said

She said the person who stole the bike had no clue how deeply taking this from Michael would affect him.

“It’s sad that somebody can steal from a mentally-challenged adult,” she said.

When he got off from work at midnight Saturday night, his folks were already asleep. He tried to call for a paid ride.

“None of them would come and get him. He ended up walking home last night. And he didn’t get home ’til 3:30 this morning,” Friedman said.

She said working hard is something that’s been instilled in Michael from early on.

“I have three kids. And I have taught all of them, you work for what you want. You just don’t go around stealing because karma comes back,” Friedman said. 

Friedman took to social media in the hopes of getting her son’s bike back.

“Just to let people in this community know, ‘Hey, if you see this bike, please get a hold of us, so that we can try to get it back for him because he paid for it with his own money.’” she explained.

“You better hope the cops get you before I do,” Friedman warned the thief. “I’m the type of person, that it takes a lot to anger me. But if you mess with my kid, it’s like a mama bear and her claws come out.” 

“Michael’s real kind-hearted. He wears his heart on his sleeve. And it’s sad that he’s had to go through this,” she added. 

She said a junk removal company in Fairfield has reached out to Michael in hopes of replacing his bike.