Thieves Take Advantage of Walmart Trade-In Event by Stealing Car Seats

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NORTH HIGHLANDS — Avid North Highlands neighborhood watch groups have been warning parents that thieves are breaking into cars and stealing child car seats.

Police say the thieves are turning those stolen car seats in to Walmart for $30 gift cards. The company’s program accepting car seats ends Sept. 30.

“For $30. Anything to get money nowadays,” said North Highlands resident Ashley Quill Simonton.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tess Deterding told FOX40 this crime is not new to North Highlands.

Law enforcement officers say people should remember the basics on safety, making it difficult for thieves to get away with the crime.

“It’s easy to walk away and forget to click the alarm,” Sgt. Deterding said. “Sometimes just little reminders like that can be a huge prevention in something like this.”

One family had security cameras installed on their home.

“We’ve actually caught somebody breaking into one of the cars and seen it on camera,” said Ashley Quill Simonton. “She had left her kid in the back and they actually just opened her door and her son was in the back, grabbed all her belongings.”

And there’s always the option of bringing the car seat inside.

“If you don’t have an alarm or anything on your car, just to justify that you’re going to have a safe car seat in morning to use, you know?” said resident Justin Bar.


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