Thieves Take Davis Residents’ Garage Door Openers

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DAVIS — Neighbors in Davis have been warning of a new technique car thieves are using to rob their victims not once but twice.

“Extraordinarily bold. This is Davis. Davis is pretty placid,” said Thomas Pearson, who lives on Imperial Avenue.

People who live on Angela Street in south Davis said one of their neighbors had items taken from their garage after a thief stole their garage door opener from their car.

“It was interesting because there was a couple of garage door openers that turned up on our front porch,” said a local man.

The resident, who did not want to be identified Friday, lives across the street from where the break-in happened. He said he left those garage door openers alone and soon they disappeared.

But his car was also broken into.

“You know, they kind of went through everything, the glove box,” he told FOX40. “They took a suitcase that had all my wife’s clothes in it because we just got back from camping, and she’s very upset about that, by the way.”

Davis police say it’s a common problem and one that also happened on Imperial Avenue seven weeks ago.

“I haven’t heard of the clickers, so that’s an interesting twist,” said Davis resident Thomas Pearson.

“It is scary and it’s awful that people stoop to that level to gain whatever from robbing somebody. How awful is that? Go get a job,” said resident Patricia Hale.

The police department says both times the cars were parked in front of the homes that were broken into.

Officers recommend residents not leave their garage door openers in their car overnight.

Meanwhile, neighbors said they will be keeping a closer eye out on their streets.

“Putting some cameras just so that, you know, you can see the front of your house and maybe record any sort of movement at night and maybe get a license plate,” one resident said.

Police say at least one of those break-ins happened because the owner did not lock his car at night. They say that’s definitely something you should not do no matter where you live.


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