Thieves target several cars at gated Elk Grove apartment complex

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Thieves targeted an apartment complex in Elk Grove Saturday morning leaving behind broken windows and shattered glass. The security gate requires a code or pass to get inside the StoneLake Apartment Homes, but that didn’t stop the thieves.

“My brother was using my parking spot because there is not a lot of parking there, and in the morning, he had work,” resident Matthew Chetner told FOX40. “So, he went down and he’s like, ‘Hey, my car got broken into.’”

Chetner says he and his brother quickly realized it wasn’t an isolated incident. Thieves targeted more than two dozen cars.

Thieves targeted several cars at StoneLake Apartment Homes leaving behind shattered glass. (Courtesy Nolan Chetner)

“And we go and walk around the whole backside of the complex, and we counted about 30 cars that were broken in the same way as his car got broken in,” said Chetner.

One woman didn’t know her car had been broken into until later in the day when FOX40 knocked on her door. Both residents said the thieves didn’t take much but left behind a mess.

“It looked like they were looking for information. He had his chargers in there. Nothing that we looked in there was taken, and we looked through other cars and their chargers weren’t taken,” said Chetner.

While police investigate, people living at StoneLake are hoping something is done.

“And I have talked to a couple of buddies and their apartment complex in Elk Grove last night got hit too,” said Chetner.

FOX40 reached out to the property management but they did not want to comment at the time. If you know who is responsible you are asked to call Elk Grove police.


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