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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Overwatering. Underwatering. It’s a delicate balance for anyone trying to keep their plants alive, especially as residents are asked to conserve more and more during the drought.

Now, there’s a new tool that can help.

“In our region, we use two to three times more water in the summer than in the winter, so it’s really important to use these meters in the summertime,” Amy Talbot, Water Efficiency Project manager, said.

Temperatures are heating up, and there is no sign of the drought slowing down.

“We’re really encouraging people to get to know their landscape rather than just looking and thinking, ‘Oh, it needs water,’” Talbot told FOX40. 

Talbot, with the Regional Water Authority, said free moisture meters can help residents do their part in conserving water.

The meters can be used with plants in the home, in the garden or even be used on the lawn.

“What we want to do in a drought is to reduce overall landscape watering, which you can do while using a moisture meter, but still taking care of your plants and trees that need that extra water,” Talbot said.

It’s a delicate balance Talbot hopes everyone puts some thought into this summer.

“We’re not trying to kill our landscape. We’re trying to reduce water waste in this drought and also reduce watering your landscape, and this just helps dial it in a little better,” Talbot explained. 

Anyone who would like to order a free moisture meter can head to