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(KTXL) — Passengers that fly to Sacramento and arrive at Terminal B will surely spot the 56-foot-long, bright red animal that hangs over the atrium where the airport baggage claim is located.

“Leap,” the name of the three-story rabbit-shaped work of art, was created by Lawrence Argent and was introduced at the Sacramento International Airport as an original piece when Terminal B opened in 2011.

According to the city of Sacramento, the rabbit is 56 feet long and 19 feet tall and is suspended by cables from the ceiling that appear invisible.

“A rabbit appears to have lept through the glass from the green space on the south side of the terminal…” the city of Sacramento says on its website.

According to the Sacramento International Airport, Leap is made out of aluminum, steel, granite, and bronze. The airport states that Argent chose to make the rabbit appear as if it were leaping into the airport. However, it also allows viewers to question the rabbit and create their own interpretation of why it is there.

The rabbit appears to be diving into a “liquid vortex opening”, the city website description reads, at the top of a suitcase.

The city of Sacramento also said that the rabbit is red to emphasize speed and the desire to get luggage quickly after getting off of a flight.

“…Lose it, misplace it and disaster can erupt,” Argent said. “Possess it, and it fills the gap of distance from home. What is it about our baggage that defines the nature of this emotion of connection with our stuff and who we are?”

The rabbit was chosen by Argent due to the symbolism and many meanings it could have on its viewers. 

The city said that the rabbit is a symbol of “cleverness, foolishness, of femininity and androgyny, of cowardice and courage,” leaving it up to viewers to decide for themselves what Leap truly means.