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SACRAMENTO — Thousands sat together in silence for one of the largest mass meditations in Sacramento’s history.

“It’s just to try and come down with a lot of anxiety, with personal life, with whatever’s going on in the world,” said Oakland resident Cristina Snider.

The 2,000 attendees were guided by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

“We’ve been trying for 14 years to get him here, so really excited,” said Raajesh Ganeshan from The Art of Living.

On hand was a raft of local dignitaries, including Folsom Assemblymember Kevin Kiley. They were there to present Ravi Shankar with a resolution from the California State Legislature, honoring the broad range of charitable work his organization has done worldwide.

In the crowd, some said the sense of connection helped when it came to finding that peace they seek.

“Sometimes when you’re in a group like this it’s even more powerful,” Snider said.