Thousands of dollars of items stolen from a Sacramento nonprofit owner’s home

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from the Folsom home of the owner of Bike Lab Sacramento.

Chris Aguirre runs a successful nonprofit that helps kids fix their bikes and offers free bike tune-ups from his garage while accepting donated bikes to fix and give to underserved kids around Sacramento.

“We have friends that work in the foster care system and also previously incarcerated youth and they needed bikes to get around, back and forth to school or work,” said Aguirre. “We take them out to the river; we went to the ocean two years ago and for some kids, it was the first time they went to the ocean.”

When Aguirre and his wife were visiting friends in Los Angles, he got an urgent call from his mother and sister-in-law who came home March 28 to find the once locked front door open.

“They definitely saw that we left and then they broke in through the side door into the garage and they were coming for the bikes and they got three custom bikes. I had a really nice mountain bike, the nicest bike I ever had that got stolen, my buddy’s road bike, and then another nice bike that someone had donated to Bike Lab actually,” Aguirre said.

The burglars also stole more items than the bikes.

“My stepdad passed away about three years ago and they stole my knife collection that he gave me, and so that’s like irreplaceable,” Aguirre said.

The burglars got away with three bikes worth $8,000, Aguirre’s knife collection, and a bike stand.

“Of course, I was furious that they’d come to take the nicest stuff I got, I would hate to think it was someone that we helped with the free bike tune-up,” Aguirre said.

With dozens of flyers and searches on online groups, Aguirre hasn’t recovered any of his stolen items, what he did receive was an outpouring of support from neighbors and those he’s helped through Bike Lab.

“We’re going to continue helping kids. We already have something set up next week,” Aguirre said.

He also has a message for whoever broke into his home.

“Karma will catch up with them, but I hope I catch up with them first,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre has filed a police report with the Folsom Police Department.

Aguirre’s mountain bike is a Canfield Nimble 9, cherry-cola color, with a serial number: 10CW0C0017.

If you have seen or were sold this bike, you are asked to call Folsom PD or Bike Lab,, immediately. 

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