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CARMICHAEL, Calif. (KTXL) — Recent threats on social media have been sounding the alarm at multiple schools across the country, including a high school in Carmichael where deputies were stationed Wednesday.

Jesuit High School Dean of Students La Roddric Theodule sent a notice to families and staff about a photo initially shared on Snapchat that mentioned an alleged shooting planned for Wednesday at a school with the letters “JHS.”

After school officials got word of the social media post, Theodule said they contacted the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, which launched an investigation Tuesday to determine if the threat was valid.

“Please know that we take these threats extremely seriously and we will fully cooperate with law enforcement to thoroughly investigate any threat that we become aware of,” Theodule wrote. “We are committed to protecting all members of our school community and we will continue to communicate more information to you as it becomes available.”

A spokesperson for Jesuit told FOX40 Wednesday morning the high school learned similar threats had affected other schools. Law enforcement in North Carolina said they also launched an investigation when they learned a threat may have been made against Jacksonville High School.

In an updated announcement, Jesuit officials said the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI notified Sacramento County investigators about Jupiter High School in Florida, where local law enforcement arrested a student Tuesday after he claimed he made the threatening post as a joke.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said its investigation into the threat was still ongoing, but Jesuit High School stayed open for the day.

“While this update does provide some comfort, we ask that everyone remain vigilant throughout the day and report any suspicious activity in person or on social media to the school administration or to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department Non-Emergency line (916-874-5115),” the school wrote.