Three People Injured After They Say Suspected Drunken Driver Smashed into their Car in Oakdale

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OAKDALE — A woman, her brother and her boyfriend were seriously injured after a driver suspected of being drunk crashed into their car.

The Oakdale Police Department says the collision took place on Highway 108 just east of Stearns Road last Wednesday.

The siblings say they were on their way to Oakland when a woman — they say was drunk — crashed into their car. Now they want the city of Oakdale to put some sort of stop in the intersection to prevent crashes.

2018 was supposed to be Kassy Badger-Morse’s, and her brother Michael Foster’s chance at a brand new life.

Severe pain. Constantly. There’s not a second of the day that I’m not in pain,” Foster said.

Instead, the siblings are bandaged, physically broken and upset at a driver they say was drunk.

“I’m really angry … I’m really angry,” Badger-Morse said.

The brother and sister say they — along with Kassy’s boyfriend, Rich — were headed to a concert in Oakland last Wednesday night.

They say a woman in a Mercedes crashed into their Honda Civic east of Sterns Road on Highway 108 in Oakdale.

“Why? Why drink and drive? Why take somebody’s parents away from their kids?” Foster said.

Kassy, who was driving, suffered broken bones.

Michael, the front passenger, fractured 10 of his ribs.

“That’s my biggest fear. When I was in the ambulance I asked them, ‘Am I gonna live ’cause I have two kids?’​” Foster said.

And Rich, who was in the backseat, is still fighting for his life in the ICU.

Whole face is just filled with screws, he’ll never see out of his left eye again,” said Fawn Foster Harbour, the mother of Michael and Kassy.

The accident has taken a toll on their bodies.

“I want to be able to walk, I want to be able to go to the bathroom by myself, I want to able to take a shower,” Badger-Morse said.

But both see the crash as an opportunity to rebuild their lives.

“And I’m gonna be an amazing father ’cause this is the second chance, and I’m not gonna turn it down,” Foster said.

There were good Samaritans who helped the trio — the siblings’ mother said she is eternally grateful to them.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with the cost of medical expenses.

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