(KTXL) — On Friday, there will be a big opening of the Sacramento region’s newest concert stage.

Gabe Cayton has good reason to smile when he talks about The Venue at Thunder Valley.

“Acoustically and visually — It’s just a beautiful property,” Gabe Cayton said.

Gabe Cayton is the Tribal Council Secretary of the United Auburn Indian Community, the owners of Thunder Valley.

They built a $100,000,000 venue to replace the outdoor concert stage.

The 4,500-seat, multi-level indoor setting will allow for more shows all year round in a comfortable climate-controlled environment.

“Sitting down here is going to be an amazing view just because you’re so close,” Cayton said.

Friday night, legendary rock band the Eagles will take the stage to kick it all off.

“To see the Eagles drum set right there on the stage is an amazing feeling right now,” Cayton said.

Even the multi-level lobby was designed to make fans feel like they are inside a one-of-a-kind space. There are nearly two dozen places inside to buy beverages.

Some of them are very close to the seats.

“When you’re watching the show, we actually have a bar on each side of the venue. So you can go to them and not skip a beat while you’re watching the Eagles play,” Cayton said.

Some of the biggest names in music and comedy are on the 2023 calendar.

“It’s so exciting to see everything polished and finished and ready to go for the show on Friday,” Cayton said.

The Eagles will be performing on Friday, Bruno Mars on Saturday and Santana on Sunday.