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STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Just days after the funeral for Alycia Reynaga, Stagg High School gathered for an assembly Friday that aimed to bring them some levity and support as students process their grief.

Students had a surprise visit from Stagg alumni turned media personality Jason Lee and actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish. 

The duo went to talk to students who have been grieving the loss of one of their own, 15-year-old Reynaga who was randomly killed on campus in April.

The Reynaga family was present but didn’t speak publicly. 

At times the tone of the assembly was light and students shared some laughs and interacted with Haddish, but at other times, it was serious as they remembered Reynaga.

City leaders, including Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln, and members of the school board were also in attendance. 

Students were able to ask Haddish and Lee questions, but some took the opportunity to address city and school leaders and ask them tough questions. 

“We’ve been telling the school for years that we needed more security. Why is it now we have the security that we need since this happened,” one student asked.

Lee and Haddish advised students to get active and talk to their school and city leaders. 

No school or city officials responded to any of the student’s questions. 

Lee said he wants students to know they matter.

“I also hope that they walk away and understand that their sense of obligation to their communities be active and to hold each other accountable, hold their city accountable. And just find hope to make it to school one more day and then another day and another day. And then after this passes, that they don’t be so desensitized,” Lee said.

After the assembly, both Lee and Haddish spent time with the Reynaga family and the softball team.