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Sacramento Zoo officials say a 15-year-old Sumatran tiger died Wednesday as a result of its wounds after it was attacked by another tiger.

The attack happened Wednesday morning during a “physical introduction” between the female, Baha, and the male tiger, Mohan. The zoo was attempting to breed the two tigers.

Baha the Sumatran tiger (Courtesy: Sacramento Zoo)
Baha the Sumatran tiger (Courtesy: Sacramento Zoo)

According to a statement from the zoo, staff intervened to quickly separate the two when Mohan became aggressive with Baha. As soon as staff was able to get the male tiger into a secure location, veterinarians rushed to care for Baha, but she had already died from her injuries.

“We are truly devastated at the passing of Baha” Matt McKim, Animal Collection Director, wrote in a news release. “Not only was she a wonderful ambassador and a truly attentive mother, she was also a one-of-a-kind tiger that inspired many.”

Baha was at the zoo since 2002. Mohan arrived in December 2015.