Tiny 6-Week-Old Kitten Named Will Needs Your Help

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DAVIS — At just 6 weeks old, a little kitten named Will has already been through so much — and still has a big fight ahead.

The tiny orange tabby arrived at the Yolo County Animal Shelter last week, which is where he met Ellie Purpura.

Purpura was the perfect person to take the shelter’s call. She told FOX40 she has fostered around 100 sick and neonatal kittens over the past few years, so she knew she needed to get the tabby cat help — and quick. She rushed him to the UC Davis veterinary emergency department after noticing he was not breathing well.

Fleas were also covering the underweight kitten’s body and he had tapeworms, according to Purpura.

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With help from UC Davis’ Orphan Kitten Project, Purpura became Will’s foster mom and soon discovered he needed a lot more medical attention.

According to Purpura, the kitten has a hole in his heart, making it difficult for it to pump blood. On top of that, he has an esophageal condition and has a hard time swallowing food.

Now that he’s been on a liquid diet, Purpura says Will has gained weight but now his veterinarians say he’ll need surgery.

“He’s on medications to manage his heart condition, and his doctors feel that a surgical repair could fix his esophageal issues,” Purpura told FOX40.

So, Purpura started a GoFundMe, which she’s called “Wings for Will.” She’s hoping to raise $8,000 to get him a CT scan and the surgery he needs.

Click here for Will’s GoFundMe page.

“Although I have a serious heart condition, I could live a happy life for quite some time!” she wrote on the GoFundMe page. “My mom is dedicated to making sure that all options are pursued in order for me to survive.”

“Please consider helping me grow the wings I need to fly!”


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