Tires Slashed on More than 20 Vehicles in Jamestown

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Dozens of tires were slashed in Tuolumne County, and now the sheriff’s department is asking for the public’s help.

Deputies say more than 20 vehicles were vandalized in the Jamestown area near Fifth Avenue, Sierra, and Preston Lane.

Replacing tires is not how the residents on Fifth Avenue pictured this otherwise beautiful Monday afternoon.

“It was something else. I’m standing out there talking to sheriffs in my boxers,” said David Romer, a Jamestown resident.

Neither was the 4 a.m. wakeup call from Tuolumne County sheriff’s deputies who told neighbors that dozens of tires had been slashed.

“One person doesn’t walk down the street slashing every tire they come across. This is like mob mentality kind of stuff,” he said.

Romer said the neighborhood has had its fair share of issues, but this is beyond what they would typically see.

“I’m shocked. I was absolutely shocked by it. It just.. not a very nice thing to do,” he said.

Adam Fogata’s white truck and his girlfriend’s Honda Civic’s tires were also slashed.

“At the time I was more or less shocked,” Fogata said.

Fogata worked hours to replace his tires.

The vandalism didn’t stop there, just blocks away on Preston Lane even more holes, even more headaches.

In the Oak Hills apartment complex, the Dore family had not just one but three tires slashed.

“Was getting ready to come out and warm up the truck while waiting on the kids to get ready to go to Tracy to visit my parents, and we came outside and the tires were slashed,” said Shawnna Dore.

Dore and her family were stranded, and, like everyone affected, very upset, frustrated and wanted to share a message to the person responsible.

“I’ll say that you guys are very rude and, like, why would you go around and slash someone’s tires?” Sierra Emery, Dore’s daughter, said.

“You’re a pathetic human individual. You’re just absolutely a pathetic person. Find something better to do with yourself,” Romer said.

Neighors are working to get surveillance footage to sheriff’s deputies. If you have any information or would like to make a report, please call (209) 533-5815.

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