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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento has several landmarks that commuters and residents consider the iconic places and structures of the city. 

Some people might think of landmarks that are recognized by people that don’t even live in or near the city, like the Tower Bridge or the State Capitol. However, in a Facebook post from FOX40, users commented on other iconic structures that they say define the city.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge, which was featured in “Ladybird”, holds another couple of interesting facts that some may not know. It even holds a distinction among the many official “state routes.” 


The pyramid-shaped building drivers will see when traveling through Sacramento may connect it to the capital city, but the Ziggurat is actually a West Sacramento landmark. A Sacramento-based architect designed the building, and it hosts the headquarters for a state agency.

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State Capitol

Construction on the capitol building began in 1860, less than a decade after Sacramento became the official capital of California. The building was finished in 1874. The capitol building is managed by the Department of General Services, which provides a variety of services to state-owned properties, including custodial services.

Delta King

The Delta King, which can be found in Old Sacramento, has been there since 1989. It has a rich history, and it’s thanks to the Coyne family that it now sits in Old Sacramento after having been partially submerged in the San Francisco Bay for over a year. 

Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum is home to several exhibits illustrating the history of locomotives and railroad cars in California and the West. For some in California, they may remember visiting the museum when they were children as part of a school trip. 

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Old Sacramento

Like the Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento is actually a California State Park. Numerous buildings with historic significance are located in the state park. Old Sacramento even recently got some much-needed love in the form of a custom-designed sign that lights up at night.