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(KTXL) — An intense confrontation was caught on camera Monday after a man said his children were threatened while they played near Travis Air Force Base housing. 

Kameron, a 30-year-old father of four, said his children were playing behind a man’s home, separated by a fence, when the man threatened them.

“He came out of the house; he had a gun,” Kameron told FOX40. “He held it up in the air with his right hand and he cocked it while it was in the air, and he pointed over the fence at my face.” 

Kameron said the group of eight kids, ages 5 and 11, including three of his own, were playing catch with pine cones when one hit the man’s fence. 

“You got eight kids behind your house, I’m sure they were being obnoxious. But I wasn’t there. And all I know is a man said he was going to f— up my kids and I had to go over there because the kids were still there,” Kameron said. 

Another parent called the police and Kameron credits the sound of the sirens with deescalating the situation. 

Air Force Capt. Amanda Farr said the case is being investigated by the Office of Special Investigations. 

“The Air Force, to include our leadership here at Travis AFB, takes the safety and security of our Airmen and families, as well as any allegations of misconduct by any Airman very seriously,” said Travis AFB in a statement.

She added that any information regarding the firearm involved is considered investigative details and could not comment, including answering whether the weapon involved is the man’s service weapon or a personal one. 

The man is reportedly with Security Forces and is present and reporting for duty. But he is unarmed in his routine duties, according to Travis AFB. 

“And their response was, ‘Well, we took his weapon.’ Well if he’s going to threaten kids and then pull out a gun on the adult, how is his mind working right now? And how is that safe?” Kameron asked. 

No one has been arrested and there are no charges as of Wednesday.