Travis Air Force Base Feels the Impact of Government Shutdown

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TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE — While the votes were taking place in Washington, D.C., closer to home, hundred of civilian employees who work at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield were furloughed Monday and over the weekend.

“Right now the shutdown is still in effect and Travis is still doing its mission,” Brian Floyd, deputy director of the 60th Force Support Squadron.

But it’s a mission the Air Force base had to do Monday without 909 civilian workers who were furloughed over the weekend.

The Mitchell Memorial Library was closed Monday as Airmen returned their books and movies to a drop box. Classes were canceled at the Airman and Family Readiness Center as base education services were also closed.

“We have testing there, and all the test monitors were furloughed, so we stopped all testing at this time,” Floyd said.

But the base’s fitness center was able to stay open over the weekend and Monday.

Floyd said not all civilians were sent home.

“Two hundred fifty-six were expected. They are either for life safety or national security,” Floyd said.

So emergency service employees, such as firefighters and doctors worked Monday.

And there were some civilian employees at places like the gym, who are not included in Congress’ budget.

“Had another 160 employees that are paid with non-appropriated funds, things like the golf course, the club, arts and craft. Those employees are not paid by the appropriations that are being stopped right now with the shut down government, so they are coming to work,” Floyd said.

Had the shutdown continued, the commissary was scheduled to be closed on Wednesday. That would have forced active duty Airmen who still had to report in to do their grocery shopping off base without military discounts.

But with Monday’s deal in Washington to reopen the government, Floyd said it shouldn’t take long to get those civilians back to work on the base by Tuesday.

“Well once it’s signed by the president and everyone is aware of it, the appropriations of the dollar are back, then we will notify them, call them through the re-call roster, basically chain of command, and yes, bring them on base if they are in fact scheduled to work that day normally,” Floyd said.

Youth services on base were not impacted by the shutdown, so the schools on base were in session.

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