Travis Air Force Base Participates in Military Exercise across Western US

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FAIRFIELD -- A military exercise including thousands of troops took place across the western United States.

The annual Mobility Guardian Exercise involves units from the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

Other coalition forces also participated in the exercise.

This month Travis Air Force Base participated in the war games.

“Making sure that we’re capable of high-end flights that may be in the future to come,” Brian Walford, a Captain with the USAF, told FOX40.

“Very important exercise for us to go ahead and hone our skills preparing for the wars of tomorrow.”

Walford explained that Mobility Guardian is one of the largest military readiness exercises to date.

Support crews back on base also benefit from the exercise.

“We get to hands-on troubleshoot it,” Taylor Edwards, who is with the Air Force, said.

Edwards said they reinspect everything from “tires” to “missing fasteners”.

The fictional scenario on Friday was “seizing” an airfield in Washington State.

In order to accomplish the exercise, Captain Walford and his crew must refuel two Boeing C-17s in mid-air.

The KC-10 aircraft coordinates with one of the Boeing planes while flying over 300 mph.

Aside from fuel, the KC-10 aircraft can transport equipment, vehicles, and humanitarian supplies, says Walford.

“Within 24 hours we can have an aircraft airborne to go support any sort of conflict or humanitarian relief mission,” Walford said.


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