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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The blistering heat rolled on, but that didn’t stop some people from going outside, with fans still coming out to Sacramento Republic FC’s match.

“[The game] was intense. Really hot,” Eddie Deanda told FOX40.

“You know what, perfect weather,” Luis Huerta added.

Even as the blistering heat rained down on the region, that didn’t stop these Sacramento Republic FC fans from tailgating in the parking lot of Heart Health Park.

“I haven’t done this in so long; it was brutal,” Huerta recounted.

“We did about 10 to 15 minutes and my feet are still on fire,” Deanda said. “I have sympathy for the players inside; it’s hot out there.”

The tailgate section was an unusual sight this time.

“It’s way down. Normally, the parking lot is full … it’s the heat; there is no other reason for it,” Deanda said.

He and his family traded in the barbecue for lighter meals.

“We brought cooler things like premade ceviche, chicken salad and stuff like that,” he said.

While not many elected to tailgate, fans like Kevin Trotter still came out to support their team.

“You know what to prepare for. If you are from here, you get it: just have to get into the shade and not stand in the sun for too long,” Trotter said.

A Sacramento Republic FC representative told FOX40 on days like these, they bump the kick-off to 8 p.m., since at least 75% of the stadium is in the shade. They also allow fans to bring in sealed water bottles and have hydration stations for refills.

But this heat didn’t stop Danny Troy from traveling to the game.

“Every home game, we drive two hours from Reno: no excuses; the weather doesn’t matter,” Troy said. “We are here every single game.”