Truck Crashes Through Wall of Downtown Cell Phone Store

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A Sacramento City Unified School District maintenance truck crashed through the wall of cell phone store on Monday afternoon.

The maintenance truck crashed into Wireless World on 10th and W streets in Sacramento after it was reportedly involved in a collision with another vehicle, a Honda Civic.

The employee working at the store was not injured, nor was the driver of the truck. The driver of the other vehicle involved was transported to the hospital.

“Oh my god, it just sounded like ‘wham,’ like somebody just came right in on you. It scared the living crap out of me when I saw it coming right at me. It happened so fast. I’m in shock,” said eyewitness Lynn Miller.

Louie Toro, the owner of Wireless World, said his sister was working there at the time of the crash, and she stood up from a chair to serve a customer at the counter shortly before the impact. Had she been sitting in the chair, the truck would have hit her.

Sacramento Police are looking into the cause of the initial crash. Sgt. John Morris said they are investigating whether somebody ran a red light.

A construction worker in charge of boarding up the hole in the building said the damage can easily be repaired, and the structural integrity of the two-story building looks solid.

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