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YUBA CITY — Storage sheds designed to shelter homeless people who seek to gain permanent housing were put up by work crews Tuesday in Sutter County.

Ten Tuff Shed units measuring 10 feet by 16 feet have yet to get furniture, insulation, electricity or heating and air conditioning but may be ready for occupancy within 30 days. Ten additional units will go up next week at a base cost of $4,900 each, including installation.

The Better Way transitional housing facility is based after the 14 Forward facility in Marysville, which also uses small storage sheds. The practicality of that facility brought attention and acclaim by other communities.

In the three years since it became operational, similar storage shed housing projects in other communities have been met with opposition from residents who don’t want them located near them.

“I haven’t found anyone who has said, ‘Come put it in my backyard,’” said Sutter County Supervisor Ron Sullenger.

The facility is in his district, behind the county mental health facility, which will provide services for clients.

Sullenger said the facility will only house those seeking to get out of homelessness and can remain for up to 90 days.

He said a federal court ruling handcuffs communities by preventing them from enforcing anti-camping laws and the facility will give Sutter County options to deal with homelessness.

There are still many people who chose to be homeless but Sullenger says the Better Way facility is a step in the right direction.