Turlock man triumphantly wheeled out of Kaiser hospital after surviving battle with COVID-19

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TURLOCK, Calif. (KTXL) — Pulled from the brink of death, a Turlock man recounted his battle with COVID-19. 

“(They) were not expecting me to be alive because the severity of my condition,” said civil engineer Nader Ammari.

Ammari is seen in a video being wheeled out of Kaiser Permanente Modesto full of joy and full of gratitude as a COVID-19 survivor.

“It made me in tears because they were really happy for me that I am walking out from the hospital alive,” he told FOX40.

Ammari said he and his family visited Venice, Italy, in late February. A week later, he received an email from his airlines that a fellow passenger tested positive for COVID-19.

Although his wife and two kids were with him on the trip, Ammari was the only one who tested positive for COVID-19.

Days later, he started feeling ill.

“After a few days, my son, my family said my condition is getting worse,” Ammari recalled.

“He was really sick,” said Dr. Ted Fong, the chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at Kaiser Permanente Central Valley.

Dr. Fong said Ammari was quickly admitted to the intensive care unit. 

At one point, one of his lungs had partially collapsed.

“We were certainly concerned that he might not make it,” Fong said.

To help him, staff used what is known as prone positioning, during which a special bed allows the patient to lie on their stomachs. It’s uncomfortable but Ammari had been sedated.

“This type of treatment, along with the medicines used for the treatment, really saved my life,” Ammari explained.

Once he was conscious, he said he had no idea where he was, but he was surrounded by the kindness of strangers. 

“By the doctors and especially by the nurses, they were so compassionate,” he said.

He is now back in Turlock and said he’s ready for what life has to offer.

“Feeling very energetic, very optimistic and ready to go back to work,” Ammari said.

Dr. Fong and Ammari encourage everyone to continue to protect themselves and their communities by wearing masks when they’re out in public and maintaining social distancing.


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