Two Dog Attacks in Davis, both attacked Children

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Authorities in Yolo County need your help locating 2 different dogs who have attacked children in the past 2 weeks. The parents of 1 of the victims say they desperately need the dog’s owner to come forward.

Monday, while walking with her 2 kids and their family dog, Melissa Elliot had little time to react as a strange dog ran up and attacked her 7-year-old daughter, Juliana.

“The dog with the dog owner came out here and got her right here on her leg,” said Elliot.

The attack happened at Sandy Motley Park.

After the attack, the man walking the dog did not offer much help.

Elliot added, “I was yelling at him, has your dog been vaccinated? And he said yes he’s been vaccinated… and then he walked away.”

You can still see the wound on Juliana’s leg is still visible. Now both her parents and the young girl’s doctor are worried about the possibility of rabies or other infection.

“There’s obviously a very remote chance that it would be rabies, but infection and some of the other things health wise is kind of the concern I have,” said Ben Elliot, Juliana’s father. “So that’s one reason why we want to find the dog to make sure its vaccines are up to date.”

The dog who attacked Juliana, a white pit bull or boxer type breed, isn’t the only k-9 Yolo County Animal Services is looking for.

The week before, a different 7-year-0ld child was walking with his grandmother near Catalina and Corona Streets in Davis.

That is where a black Labrador retriever running loose came and bit the child.

While the sheriff’s office wants both of these animals to be found, Melissa and her husband Ben say they are not looking to press any charges.

“We were just minding our own business, it’s not like we wanted to pet the dogs, we didn’t want to interact with the dogs,” said Melissa Elliott. “We just really really want to find this dog, that’s all, we don’t want to sue, we’re not interested in anything like that, we just want to find the dog.”

The couple’s only concern is Juliana’s health. Melissa Elliot added, “We just are unsure if we need to start the rabies treatment.”

Anyone with information about either dog can call the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services at (530) 668-5287.

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