Two Dogs Stolen After Craigslist Exchange Goes Wrong

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SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento couple trying to find a dog a loving home, instead found themselves in the hospital.

It was supposed to be a typical craigslist exchange; money for a French Bulldog but the man who answered the ad didn’t have any intention of paying.

The man not only took off with the dog that was for sale but also the owners’ personal puppy.

To make matters worse, when he was driving away, he hit one of the owners with his car.

Holding on tightly to her dog Sebastian, Jesselle Pablo is looking to her puppy for comfort, after her other dog, Cheech, was stolen.

“This is a living animal. This is my family member. He’s like my child,” said Pablo.

It started as a typical Craigslist exchange Thursday night.

Pablo and her partner, Shay, were trying to sell another French Bulldog for a family member.

The man who answered the ad, is seen on their surveillance footage coming to pick up the dog.

“It seemed totally fine, it didn’t seem sketchy,” said Pablo.

He told the women he was planning to surprise his girlfriend with the dog and she was waiting in the car.

“He said meet me in the car in two minutes and then we’ll exchange from there. He counted the money in front of me and then went back,” Pablo said.

They walked out with the dog for the exchange, not realizing the man had already grabbed their other dog, Cheech and put him in their car.

“He’s handing me the cash to take the puppy; he takes the puppy and doesn’t let go [of the cash]. And then he hits on the gas,” Pablo stated.

Taking off with two dogs in his car — without paying for either — and hitting Shay on the way out.

“He drove straight into her and she bounced,” Pablo exclaimed.

Shay Narzekalski had to go to the hospital to get stitches; now, she’s healing.

“It’s crazy for someone to try to kill someone for what? $4,000 at most? Maybe six,” questioned Narzekalski.

Both women are now focused on the dogs, hoping they’ll be found safe.

“I just hope they’re not doing any damage to him or the other one. This is not some dog that you can just take” said Pablo.

Sacramento Police are investigating. If you have any information about this crime, you’re asked to call them.

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