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CITRUS HEIGHTS — Two people on a motorcycle were killed around 3 a.m. Monday when an apparent wrong-way driver struck them head-on on westbound Madison Avenue.

The CHP says 28-year-old Brandon Fernandez was drunk when he drove the wrong way in the fast lane of the street.

A man driving the motorcycle and the female passenger, later identified as Marguerite Stahl of Sacramento, died after being thrown to the side of the road after the impact.

Officers say Fernandez suffered only minor injuries and failed a field sobriety test. He was booked on two counts of DUI and felony manslaughter.

Part of the investigation is a 24-hour profile of both the victim and Fernandez to see what led to the accident.

“We want to know if there’s somebody who could have stopped him or was he drinking by himself, whether he was at a bar … so there’s all sorts of things we’re going to ask … this thing could have been completely avoided,” said Officer Chad Hertzell, spokesperson for the North Sacramento CHP office.