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STOCKTON — There’s been a lot of news about the latest app craze, Pokemon Go, but not all of it has been good news.

But Friday night, two Stockton women trying to find new Pokemon found a lost little girl instead, and they may have saved the child’s life.

You’ve probably never met a Pokemon Go player like 58-year-old Pamela Rowe.

“Little kids on skateboards with their families, college students, and yes, even us seniors,” Rowe said.

She got into the game when her friend, Cynthia Rond didn’t want to hunt Pokemon in Stockton at night by herself.

“Here I am walking by myself, and I just didn’t really feel comfortable. I felt like I needed a buddy system going,” Rond said.

“We’re just chit-chatting. We’re going to go catch Pokemon, be an hour or so,” Rowe said.

Looking for new Pokemon Friday night, as they’d done before, the two stumbled upon a little girl who looked to be no older than 2, crossing a busy street by herself.

“She had a diaper on and a long-sleeve shirt,” Rowe said.

The women were shocked to see the little girl alone.

“Well yeah, and not just that. To know that 10 to 15 minutes passed before anyone showed up to look for her,” Rowe said.

The two stayed with the child even after two young boys on their bikes showed up claiming the girl was their sister.

Eventually, sheriff’s deputies arrived and returned the girl home.

The sheriff’s deputies didn’t want to speak with FOX40 on camera about the situation, but they said the girl lives with her grandma, in a good home. Grandma just lost track of the girl for a second, and she walked out the door.

“It would’ve broke my heart if I had drove past and not stopped. I don’t think I would’ve been able to live with myself if something happened to the little girl,” Rowe said.

She’s a self-proclaimed amateur at Pokemon Go, but even sheriff’s deputies say Rowe and Rond handled this situation like masters.

Imagine what they might catch next time!

San Joaquin sheriff’s deputies told FOX 40 over the phone they’ve had major issues with Pokemon Go recently — that includes a number of calls for suspicious vehicles and people walking around neighborhoods late at night. They’re glad though that in this case it led the two women to find the young girl.