Uber Driver Under Investigation after Woman’s ‘Creepy’ Ride

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SACRAMENTO — An Uber driver was removed from the platform and is now under a law enforcement investigation after a young woman from Sacramento reported that he made sexual advances toward her during a ride, took a detour from their route and then refused to drop her off.

“How dare you make a move on me and make me feel that uncomfortable to the point that I thought I was going to get kidnapped,” she said.

The young woman spoke to FOX40 on camera, but did not want to be identified by her name. We are not revealing the name of the Uber driver or showing his picture because he has not been charged with any crime. However, she posted the man’s old Uber account photo on Facebook, in a post that garnered nearly 4,000 shares overnight.

She said she greeted the Uber driver who picked her up at a friend’s house near Carmichael, he seemed like a nice guy. Immediately into the twelve minute ride, she says he said that he was “just a lonely guy driving for Uber,” and that he “hadn’t gotten any in a while.” She said that was when he started making sexual advances toward her and looking down her shirt.

“He was saying, you can show me something if you want, and I was like, ‘what?!’ And he was like you, like, you’re just my type and if you want to show me something you can. And then I was just kind of drew in like this. I was trying to be as cordial as I could so he didn’t do anything and he didn’t further his pervertedness,” she said.

The part that scared her the most, was when she said the driver took a detour from their route, pulled onto a residential street and stopped the car in a driveway. She said she told him that was not where she requested to be driven to, and he told her that it was, and that that was where the GPS led him. On a screen shot of the route she showed FOX40, it did appear that the driver made this detour, and then continued back on the path. She said she got scared and asked him to drop her off at a nearby gas station but he refused, saying it wasn’t safe.

“And I was like, well it’s not safe in here,” she said.

She said she texted her dad and told him the Uber driver was making her uncomfortable, and that her dad called her immediately. She said when her dad heard the driver telling her he wouldn’t let her out, he yelled at the driver, and he let her out at the gas station.

Uber told FOX40 that as soon as she reported the alleged incident, they revoked the Uber drivers privileges on the app, and that he had not driven anyone for Uber since. They said Uber drivers do have to sign off on literature before they start working for the company, which explains appropriate conduct.

They also responded to FOX40 in writing, saying:

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department told FOX40 that the young woman did file a report with them, and that they were investigating. They could not comment on what charges, if any, the driver could face in the future.

“You sir, are 100% a creep,” she said.

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