UC Davis Cancels Controversial Yiannopoulos Event as Protests Break Out

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DAVIS — Voices were raised loudly at UC Davis against a planned sharing of beliefs protestors felt lowers the value of what it means to be American.

A thick Friday crowd pressed police lines in front of the college’s Science Lecture Hall all in an effort to stand up against a presentation by Milo Yiannopoulos.

The controversial conservative was invited to speak by the campus young republicans.

Attacked for being a msyoginist and racist, the Breitbart tech editor denies all that.

Despite a campaign to have his visit denied, the university maintained that the right of every group to express their beliefs had to be protected.

“I’m not trying to get into anything with these people, but I was just attacked. Someone literally just came behind me grabbed me by my neck and threw me on the ground,”said Jeff Bodin.

That didn’t leave Bodin feeling very protected in his attempt to just hear a speech from a man he sees not as a problem but as a provocateur.

And then one woman jumped in to the conversation as FOX40 asked if he could understand why some might be concerned about Yiannopolous’ rhetoric.

“Violence incites violence…he’s killing people. People are dying,” she shouted. “People are dying because of rhetoric like this.”

Verbal tugs of war turned into literal ones along a police perimeter and barricades came down.

Officers didn’t rush to replace them.

Those same officers were eventually able to hold their line about 3 feet from the buildings’ glass doors as tension in the crowd intensified.

Then – the sound of joy as it was announced that the college republicans had called the speech off when staff told them campus police could no longer secure it.

Soon after happy spirits soured as the second controversial person on the night’s bill walked through the crowd.

Martin Shkreli is a former drug company CEO.

He’s accused of intentionally gouging patients dependent on a particular HIV medicine.

When asked for his response to the critiques coming from the protesters he said, “I think they’re acting with their heart instead of their head.”

And as for the message he and Yiannopoulos intended to get out?

“Hopefully we can do something tomorrow,” he said.

FOX40’s cameras caught one protester being dragged out after he managed to get inside the event hall.

Other than that, campus police say there were no other arrests, property damage or weapons found in relation to the demonstrators.

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