DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — The chancellor of UC Davis, Gary May, apologized for the early ending of graduation over the weekend, which left many students unable to walk at commencement. 

“A good portion of our graduating class did not get to celebrate a major milestone properly, and for that I am sorry,” May said.

The university ended graduation ceremonies early Friday due to the high temperatures. UC Davis said the UC Davis Fire Department, Fire Prevention Services, and Environmental Health and Safety “urged” the school to take action for health and public safety concerns.

According to UC Davis, its fire department received 36 calls for service during the ceremony, which were mostly heat-related. Of those calls, seven people were taken to the hospital.

“We acknowledge that some of you remain angry and disappointed about commencement. We know this is one of the most exciting and rewarding days in students’ lives, and sharing in your joy in meeting this milestone is very meaningful for faculty and staff here at UC Davis.”

Chancellor Gary S. May

May said the university is offering a $58 regalia refund and are working to find a good time for a make-up commencement for the affected students.