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For the past decade, UC Davis host mom Sandy has welcomed students from all over the world. That is why she says she was shocked by the allegations from her last UC Davis exchange students.

“The students and I had no problems at all. I was not aware of all these issues,” said Sandy.

UC Davis Exchange students Azume Horiguchi and Sewon Jeong say they each paid more than $700 a month for at least two square meals a day, but were only fed small breakfast food items.

Sandy says she bought the girls fruits, vegetables and fed them all the meals she fed her family. She also disputes the girls most shocking claim — that they were forced to shower near an outdoor pool.

“She (Sewon), said no we are going to go to the gym and I (Sandy) asked her if she needed to use the shower. She said no we are showering down there (the pool shower). That was her choice,” said Sandy.

The host mom also says she has had no complaints from other students over the years. In fact, she has been featured in the brochure for WISE, the organization that facilitates the exchange.

“Again, these girls are alleging they were unhappy. If you look at the pictures you see these girls were very happy.” Said Sandy.

Sandy believes the girls were eager to break their contract, which motivated the allegations. She says she has sued the girls for the false accusations.

UC Davis Extension said Sandy’s ability to host new students would be put on hold until an investigation is completed.