UC Davis Health seeks 100 kids ages 12 to 17 for COVID-19 vaccine trial

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — People over the age of 16 are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, now the attention turns to those between the ages of 12 to 16 years old, to see if the vaccine is safe for them.

Many hospitals across the country are conducting vaccine trials including UC Davis Health.

UC Davis Health is looking for 100 kids between the ages of 12 to 17 to sign up, this would be an extension of another Novavax trial taking place for adults.

The COVID-19 vaccine supply is finally catching up with the demand, health officials are hoping to
open up eligibly for children 12 to 16.

“We want to make sure the vaccine is safe and effective in this age group,” said Dr. Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious disease at UC Davis Health. “For studies at this age, not only do we want the parent to agree with it, but the children are old enough to decide if they want to be involved also.”

Dr. Blumberg says he will lead the pediatric portion of the Novavax vaccine trial.

“Sometimes doses need to be adjusted for younger children because they are smaller weight based,” Dr. Blumberg said. “In general what we have found with the COVID-19 vaccines, the studies to date, they have shown they are safe, they are effective down to younger ages including 12 and over.”

But a latest Kaiser Family Foundation study shows parents who have one child between the ages of
12 to 15 have mixed feelings about letting their child get the vaccine.

30% say they will get their child vaccination right away
26% will wait to see how it works
18% will vaccinate only if schools require it
23% says they will definitely not let their kids get the vaccine.

Dr. Blumberg says their trial is voluntary and the way out of the pandemic is to get an many
people vaccinated as possible.

“Many parents understand that COVID-19 is primarily driven by adults. we have thousands of
children admitting to the hospital with COVID-19 and hundreds of children have died. It still maybe
serious in children, we really want to make sure that they are protected too,” Dr. Blumberg said.

Dr. Blumberg says they have reached out to some families to see if they want to participate.

If you want to participate or learn more about the trial go to www.health.ucdavis.edu and www.kff.org.

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