UC Davis set to play football this spring season

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DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — As high schools and youth sports are set to resume playing sports next week, there’s currently only one school in the region playing football — the UC Davis Aggies.

As The Aggies prep for their spring season, everyone involved is excited for what the season will bring.

“People are getting hyped. A lot of competition, everybody loves that. The banging of the pads, and all that other type of stuff just really signifies that, you know, we’re here. Football is back,” said Bryce Rodgers, the defensive captain.

The Aggies are one of only four colleges in the state preparing to play the spring season. California State University, Sacramento opted out of playing football in October of last year.

UC Davis has had four schedule changes leading up to their season opener. According to head coach Dan Hawkins, the Aggies have remained positive.

“Hope is a powerful thing, and I think to keep hope alive and some purpose is really important,” Hawkins said.

Offensive captain Kooper Richardson said, “We saw all these teams play back in the fall, between the Cals, the Stanfords, the San Diego States and all those, you kind of get jealous almost in a way getting to see them play.”

The Aggies are scheduled to play six league games and possibly be part of a 16-team post-season.

“Every team has a different vibe, a different culture, different leadership, different strengths and so you have to start all over and that’s the way I always look at it,” Hawkins said.

As the pandemic continues, it may bring uncertainty in playing but the football team continues to practice and remains ready for their season.

“There’s definitely been some times where I wasn’t sure about what was going to happen. I honestly wasn’t sure, but just like coach said, ‘Be ready. So when you get the opportunity to go you’re already ready. You don’t have to get ready for it.'” Rodgers said.

The Aggies will begin their season with an away game in Idaho March 6.

“It’s really, chomping-at-the-bit. Like, we’re right there. We’re like, what is it, two or three weeks away at this point. And we’ve never been more excited to get back out there. We’ve been waiting this long, it will be great to get back out there,” Richardson said.

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