AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) — A three year-old boy is happy to be reunited with his family in Auburn.

In April, Volodymyr Androshchuk, along with his wife, flew to Poland to bring their grandson, Ben Androshchuk, out of Ukraine, where the war broke out in February.

Volodymyr’s daughter, Dina Samodarov put her faith in God that her parents would be safe and kept in contact with them by phone.

“There was no fear at all. The only mission was like, we have to make this happen,” Dina Samodarov said.

Ben’s mom passed away from Covid a year ago and was living with his disabled father and uncle, Dina’s brothers. Ben’s family in the states applied to get them their visas but they faced more difficulty when the consulates and the border closed for men ages 18 to 60.

Once in Poland, Volodymyr Androshchuk did about 15 trips back and forth to the Ukraine, helping deliver food to those in need. In one month’s time, he drove about 10,000 miles, around three hours each day, mostly at night.

“Praying to God, that God give him help, ’cause he’s disabled and his health is not in good condition. So… God gave me good health to make it to the other side,” Denis Samodarov, Ben’s uncle said. 

Once Ben was picked up and safe with his grandparents, it was then about getting them back home safely to the states.

“They flew from Warsaw, to French. French to Spain. Spain to Mexico City. Mexico City to Tiujuana. And we drove from here to Tiajuana, to pass the border… pick them up from the airport,” Denis Samodarov said.

Once they were in California, the family was able to take Ben to Disneyland, where they spent quality time by having some fun.  

“We have a desire, a will to prepare all the documents and to adoption for him. That’s going to be our goal for sure. Even though… he’s my nephew, he’s like a son to me…We love him and he loves us,” Denis Samodarov said.

The family is grateful for the outpour of prayers and other donations from the community.

“I just want to appreciate all the prayers and just put it out for God. Then God will take care of the people, too. He will use the right resources and the right people,” Dina Samodarov said.

Volodymyr plans to go back to Ukraine and continue to help refugees. Their churches are putting containers together plus they need generators, tools and other supplies to build shelters.

Denis and Dina Samodarov are grateful to those who helped them make this their home 22 years ago.

“Nobody wants this war. Nobody wants people to struggle. It’s just.. it’s crazy. We want to help them. We simply want to help those people,” Denis Samodarov said.

If you would like to donate you can visit their GoFundMe. Donations can also be sent through their church PayPal account, mark the payment with “Ukraine relief/Androshchuk” so the church knows where to distribute the funds, at